Marty Rawson

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations


 An Ayurvedic Consultation is an in-depth examination of many factors, both internal and external, that effect your life, health and well being.

Ayurveda outlines extensive guidelines for examination, using non-invasive methods that can detect subtle imbalances before they can develop into clinical stages (disease).

Your unique body constitution and your unique mental constitution are what makes you the unique individual you are, and this is how we treat you: as a unique and special individual. 

Patterns of imbalances are identified through taking a complete history, and through traditional examination methods. This combined approach allows us to determine your bodies original state of balance, and the nature of your current imbalance.

The line of treatment prescribed will be based on this important information.  Ayurvedic treatments generally come from multiple dimensions. This is what sets Ayurveda apart.

Being the most ancient form of natural healing on the planet, it is uniquely situated - through the science of the Doshas, to tailor its many forms of therapy to your unique body constitution.

This way, each therapy compliments the others, working together with your bodies natural constitution to bring you back into a state of health and balance!


The lack of this knowledge of the Doshas is why so many other "methods" work for some people - but not others!



 Ayurveda is a vast and ancient science of life and longevity

that has a proven track record going back over 5,000 years!

It is not however - a magic wand.

It is designed to heal at the root cause level of imbalances, and this requires active participation from the client.

Some issues are quick to heal and others take more time, depending on the severity.

There are indeed some things that cannot be healed due to various reasons, but there are many that can

- if you are willing to put forth the effort into healing your life.


 I spend a great deal of time on each person I treat so I can be of maximum assistance to them.

 If you are ready to begin healing your body and your life, I am here to help you every step of the way,

 with knowledge and information that will last a lifetime!



{The Divinity within me, honors the Divinity within you!}