​My name is Debbie. The last few months I had a lot of menstrual problems. I also have Celiac Disease which means I can't have anything with gluten in it, and most medications contain gluten. I spoke with Marty about my problems and he showed me some pressure points that have helped me greatly! Thank you Marty!

I had developed rosacea. I went to my doctor, but he didn't give me anything for it, he just told me not to put any heat on it. Basically just wait for it to go away by itself. I consulted with Marty and he recommended an herbal treatment. I bought and took the herbs he recommended and noticed a positive effect on the first day! By the third day, it was gone! Also, it has not come back! Worked good! Thanks Marty.

- John Elwess

I was sluggish, always swelling and having really strange attacks that blew my blood pressure into a dangerous level. I went to the doctor and after lots of tests and money  he said " I do not know what is wrong with you  but here is some high blood pressure pills" take them for the rest of your life.   After a few months of those pills I was still swelling and sluggish and having attacks.  I went to Marty Rawson and he had it figured out in the first session.  He helped me with spices and diet and I am suffering no more. 
He was kind, informative and always called to check up on me, no doctor cared that much!! I still go to him and I am free of sluggishness, swelling and  have not had a single attack. I no longer need high blood pressure pills!! There does not seem to be enough of the correct words to use in how much Marty cares in other peoples health and the information he has to help so many people boggles my mind. 
Marty works on all levels, Mind-Body-spirit. He teaches you how to take care of your entire self.
 Try him, what can it hurt? Nothing in my case. I trust him totally.

- Helen Kogan