Well, to say the least I was skeptical, because I have been breathing pretty much my whole life and my condition was getting worse. Marty explained to me some patterns and rhythms of breathing that I should try whenever I felt my stomach churning. I tried these breathing rhythms and it was almost instantly that I felt more calm and relaxed and the churning in my stomach began to stop. I am even able to do the breathing rhythms in a room full of people without anyone noticing what I am doing. It has really helped me. Thanks Marty.

​- Dave B.

I had been having problems with my stomach. It would occasionally be upset. The condition worsened until I began to wonder if I should change some of the activities that I enjoyed. I talked with Marty and he suggested that the problems with my stomach were stress related. He said breathing would help my condition.


Rocky Mt. Ayurveda reviews

 I was suffering from extreme dry patches on my face that doctor visits could not fix. I finally tried Derma-Bliss and gave it the 2 week trial period. It not only healed my dry skin, it gave my face a nice, healthy glow. That was a year ago, and I have not had the problem since. Derma-Bliss is awesome!
- Kaitlyn Hood
Thank you Doc Rawson & your Derma-Bliss!!
Derma-Bliss was truly a relief to me, in every sense of the word, during my facial Shingles episode. After I started using/applying your product, I had a huge reduction in discomfort and pain. I know it definitely lessened the time I had to deal with the pustules and scabbing part of the disease.
Thank you again,
Dennis G. - B.C., Utah
Marty gave me a consultation concerning my prostatitis and lead me onto natural ways to heal it. My symptoms are gone after 4 weeks. I'm still taking it to keep it gone. I like it because there are no side effects and its all natural. He also gave me help with my acid reflux and heartburn. Changed my eating habits and drink no pops and more tea to cool it. My symptoms are less to none now. Noticed within days of eating different.
-Bryce Manore
My Name is Jose. I'm a person with a lot of medical problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart problems and diabetes just to mention some of them. I was using about 12 different medications. I was trying to get into natural medicine. I did talk to some persons to help my case and eliminate some of the doctors medicine pills. When I met Marty, I started talking to him about my situation. He starts telling me how to lower my sugar diabetes, then how to thin my blood and how to improve my kidneys, my heart and my legs because I sprain my ankles very often, and all that with natural herbs and food. I continue working hard with Marty to get healthier. I am down to two pills. His knowledge on natural medicine is very good.
I can say excellent. 
Derma-Bliss, when applied daily, faded my crows feet - facial lines and made the skin in that part of my face feel smoother. I would recommend this product to ladies who are concerned about lines and wrinkles on their faces. The Herbal Hair Treatment made my hair feel soft and more manageable. It significantly reduced the amount of hair that was falling out, when I would comb it. My wife liked it too.
The Derma-Heal salve did a great job of healing the eczema on my neck, due to an allergic reaction I got from a leather cleaner. I don't like using ointments that have steroids in them. They help, but thin your skin out. This product helped to reduce the swelling and itching, and also increased the rate of healing. No side effects. I was impressed.
-Cecil Noriega
Derma-Bliss kicks Pro Actives' butt! It took about 2 weeks to notice a significant improvement on my face and neck. Acne scars disappeared along with fine lines & wrinkles around my mouth and eyes, and my skin had a nice natural glow. I will never spend money on chemical face cleansers again.
Thanks Doc Rawson!
-Ashley Hood

Please note that the following reviews are verbatim quotes from actual clients.

Marty is the guy you want taking care of you. He is very knowledgeable and even more kind and caring. I've had ongoing foot issues that he has greatly helped. And he was always checking in to make sure it was helping or if there was something else we should try. He truly cares about your well being and just wants you to feel good. Great guy.
-Rachel Christensen